2006 The Home Straight



Been away for sometime but things are now moving on a pace. Since the last update I was waiting for an auto electrician to appear but after failed promises I found a good electrician in the form of Ray ..  he completed the job of wiring the Ford indicator stalks, the heater, the windscreen wiper motor all in a day. You might think, doesn't sound like much, but there was a lot to figure out with the column stalks (30 wires coming out the back) plus we went for a separate harness for the heater motor as I have the variable heater valve from a Fiesta, and it was thought to be easier to take the heater loom out of a Fiesta. Thus there was quite a bit of cutting and connecting and a general tidy up of the original loom. The delayed wipe function would not work (a problem others have encountered aswell) so to over come this I was pointed in the direction of a company called SmartScreen. This is a clever small box of tricks that goes in the wiper/wash wiring and acts as a variable delay plus the added bonus of having three sweeps of the screen when you activate the washers, just like most cars today, result. Another 'add on' that Ray came up with was a fuel cut-out relay on the pump, this is via the coil, when the coil cuts out so does the fuel pump. The gear knob starter button works as well!!

I am just completing the final 'make sure it all works' check with a friend of my sons, Peter, we or rather Peter is working out how to wire up the Savage switches so that they come on with the side lights and are also illuminated when in operation.

I have almost completed the fuel system, the link pipe between the tanks is in and fitted, the pipes from the tank to the fuel filter are fitted and I'm in the process of fitting the braided hoses between the filter and pump. It's all a bit tight down there and I've still got to figure out the routing for the regulator, it looks like the pipe work for this is going to go up behind the header tank and the bulkhead as I've run out of space. I need to make an alteration to the header tank retaining bracket.

I have pre-fitted my oil cooler, not an air cooled radiator, but water cooled, I needed to get extra hoses to get this in but reports from other users on PistonHeads say that this is a good modification and keeps oil and water temps stable. I just need the engine in now to make up the oil lines.

The next update, which will be soon, will show the car on its own wheels, I can't wait for that moment!!!!!